Mines 1win - review of miner games for money from 1win

Mines 1Win is an online luck game presented on the 1Win casino platform. The game is based on the classic "sapper" principle, where players need to avoid mines by opening cells on the virtual field.

The aim of the game is to open as many cells as possible without activating a mine. The game is easy to learn, but can be tense and addictive as the risk increases with each new open cell.

Game varieties: Mines and Royal Mines from 1win

At first glance, 1win casino has released two identical cash sapper games, but if we take a closer look, we can see some very serious differences:

Mines 1winRoyal Mines
A classic sapper game with a choice of cagesA simulated minefield to overcome
Simple visual designA more modern and visually appealing design
Standard field 5×5The choice of the field size is made by the player and the size of the winnings depends on it. Available sizes are 2×3, 3×6, 4×9, 5×12, 6×15
At the beginning of the game, the number of traps is chosen, which determines the size of the winningsThere is no choice of the number of traps. But the smaller the field - the greater the risk level and the bigger the winnings.
The rate increases with each open cell of the playing fieldThe stakes increase with each successful step through the minefield
Money can be withdrawn at any timeMoney can be withdrawn at any time

Now let's take a closer look at each of these money sapper games.

Mines 1win is a classic miner for money

Mines 1Win is a standard interpretation of the game of mines, but only for real money. As in a regular sapper, the player needs to open cells on the field avoiding mines.

The more cells you can open without falling into the trap, the bigger your winnings will be. It is worth noting that it is not necessary to open the whole playing field, you can take your winnings at any time.

mines 1win
✅ Provider1Win Gaming
💲 RTP97.59%
💰 Maximum winningsx5000.00
⏱ Release date15.03.2023
❤️ Game FeaturesSimple operation, choice of number of mines, instant payouts
🎁 Bonus RoundsNot foreseen
📊 Betting FeaturesPlayers place a bet that increases based on the number of safely open cells;
It is possible to adjust the risk level through the number of min;
The player chooses which cells to open.
🏆 Size of the playing field5×5
🔥 Number of min1, 3, 5, 7
💲 Minimum rate10 roubles
💵 Maximum rate20000 roubles
🔒 Protection technologyProvably Fair

How to play Mines 1win

The gameplay in the classic sapper for money is as simple as possible and becomes clear even to a person completely unfamiliar with the game in the first minutes of the game. If we describe it in stages, it consists of:

  1. Selecting the size of the rate
    Before the game starts, players choose the size of their bet.
  2. Selecting the number of mines on the field
    More mines means higher risk, but also higher potential winnings. The number of mines that can be selected on a 5×5 square field is 1, 3, 5, 7.
  3. Opening cells
    After the game starts, the player opens the cages one at a time. If there is a mine under the cage, the game ends and the bet is lost. If there is no mine under the cage, the player receives a small reward.
  4. Game over
    The player can stop at any moment after opening at least one cell and take the current winnings. The more squares opened without finding a mine, the bigger the winnings.

Royal Mines - money sapper from 1win

Royal Mines is an adaptation of the popular game of luck presented on the online casino platform 1Win. This game is a variation of the traditional "sapper".

Royal Mines is characterised by the addition of unique features and more complex mechanics, making it more dynamic and interesting for players.

The player will not just have to unlock squares on a 5×5 field, but will have to make his way through a minefield to a treasure trove.

money miner
✅ Provider1Win Gaming
💲 RTP97.21%
💰 Maximum winningsx15000.00
⏱ Release date20.10.2021
❤️ Game FeaturesSimple controls, field size selection, instant payouts
🎁 Bonus RoundsNot foreseen
📊 Betting FeaturesPlayers place a bet, which increases depending on the path successfully travelled through the minefield;
It is possible to adjust the level of risk through the size of the playing field;
The player chooses which square to take the next step on.
🏆 Size of the playing field2×3, 3×6, 4×9, 5×12, 6×15
🔥 Number of minThere's only one mine in each row
💲 Minimum rate10 roubles
💵 Maximum rate20000 roubles
🔒 Protection technologyProvably Fair

How to play Royal Mines

At first glance it may seem that the gameplay in Royal Mines is much more complicated than in standard Mines. But when you get acquainted with the game, this impression disappears completely - the game is also very simple and does not contain any tricky settings. All you need to do is to choose the bet size, the size of the field and play. The instructions for playing Royal Mines are as follows:

  1. Selecting a bet
    First of all, players choose the size of their initial bet. It can be any amount within the allowed range on the platform.
  2. Setting the size of the playing field
    In Royal Mines, players can choose the size of the playing field. The larger the field, the lower the risk, but also the smaller the potential winnings. Conversely, a smaller field increases both the risk and the potential winnings.
  3. The road through the minefield
    The game starts with the player opening a cage. If there is a mine under the cage, the player loses the bet and the game ends. If the cage does not contain a mine, the player receives a small win. After each successful attempt, the player can continue opening the next cages until he reaches the treasury.
  4. Game over
    A player can end the game and collect his winnings at any time after successfully opening one or more squares. The decision to stop and collect or to continue the game affects the strategy and outcome of the game.

Strategies for playing Mines

As with any game, Mines and Royal Mines also has examples of successful strategies that players can adopt or use as a basis for their future strategies:

Perimetric bypass

This strategy involves opening cells starting at the edges of the playing field and gradually moving towards the centre. This approach can help avoid early unexpected explosions and allows you to carefully "clear" the field, reducing risk.

Applicable to games: Mines 1win.

Chess master

The player opens the squares by alternating them like a chess board (alternating black and white squares). This creates a balance between risk and the ability to assess the situation after each move.

Applicable to games: Mines 1win.


The strategy is to minimise the number of cells opened. The player opens the minimum possible number of cells to reach a positive balance and immediately takes the winnings after reaching this number.

Applicable in games: Royal Mines, Mines 1win.

A dynamic saboteur

The strategy involves dynamically changing the size of the field and the number of mines between each round, adapting to the current situation and intuitively sensing moments to increase or decrease risk.

Applicable in games: Royal Mines, Mines 1win.

A risk scout

The player starts with the highest stakes on the smallest field, gradually increasing the size of the field but decreasing the stakes to study the distribution of mines on the field and determine the safest areas for subsequent games.

Applicable in games: Royal Mines, Mines 1win (changing the number of mines).


Royal Mines and Mines 1win do not have a free game demo. In order to play them, you need to register and make at least a minimum deposit.

demo mines


The so-called mineral / sapper games for money are very different from the classic online casino entertainment in the form of slots, live games and crashes. Maybe this type of games is less popular, but rest assured that it is no less interesting than any other of the genres.

You won't find any unnecessary volatility mode switches, buy in bonuses or anything like that in them. Mines is the true epitome of a game of luck. While many strategies can be followed in it, they will all be based on the player's balance alone. It is impossible to predict or predict what is happening on the playing field, you will face a real struggle for luck!


What is Mines?

Mines is a classic real money sapper game created especially for 1win.

Where can I play Mines or Royal Mines?

The games are available exclusively on the 1win platform. In order to play them, you will need to complete a quick registration on the website.

Is there a demo version of the Mines game?

Specifically these versions of the mineral money game do not contain a demo and are only available on the 1win site.

Are these games available on your phone?

Yes, both games are perfectly adapted for any mobile devices, so the size of the playing field will not be an issue for comfortable play.

These games don't cheat?

No, as with other 1win exclusive games, there is a state-of-the-art Provably Fair protection system. This allows you to check the fairness of a round played at any time.

Screenshots of Mines games from 1win

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